50 Shades of Quit Judging

50 Shades of Quit Judging: Readers’ Advisory, Intellectual Freedom, & Personal Taste
Wednesday, September 30, from 8:30-11:30am in Room 3501AB

Reading is a personal preference and readers take it personally. Get an overview of the philosophy, theory, and goals of Readers’ Advisory; a vital public library service. Attendees will learn why it’s important for readers’ advisors to make connections with the readers in order to connect readers to books. Attendees will also learn how and why talking about books they don’t like will make them stronger readers’ advocates. Attendees will also have practice talking about books and learn tips and tricks for doing readers’ advisory online, in person, on the fly, in depth.

This pre-conference will lay the groundwork for additional sessions on Readers’ Advisory being presented as breakout sessions in the RA track throughout the conference. A light breakfast will be provided.
HANDOUTS ARE HERE! Click here for the slide deck!

Presented by:
Kaite Stover, Director of Readers’ Services, Kansas City Public Library

Erin Downey Howerton, Children’s Manager, Wichita Public Library

Lucy Lockley, Collection Development Manager, St. Charles City-County Library District

Andie Paloutzian, Story Center Program Manager, Woodneath Library Center, Mid-Continent Public Library

Diana Platt, Reference/Instruction Librarian, Kansas City Public Library

Angela Strathman, Readers’ Advisory Librarian, Mid-Continent Public Library

Louisa Whitfield-Smith, Outreach Librarian, Kansas City, Kansas Public Library

Gregg Windsor, Readers’ Advisory Librarian, Johnson County Library


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